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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mulberry Leaf Tea

Kod : TDM-20T
Weight : 20 sachet X 2 gm (40 gm)
Status : Stock is Available OUT OF STOCK
Harga : WM RM24.00 EM RM27.00

Mulberry Leaf Tea or also known by the name Murtea is produced from 100% fresh Mulberry leaves. This is to ensure that the resulting true quality and premium.

The Nutrients of Mulberry Leaf Tea

Although Mulberry based products just recently entering Malaysian market, the fact that Mulberry leaf has nutrients which could cure few diseases is long well known. It contains chlorophyll content and calcium among the highest, it can be proven to help increase production of breast milk to mothers who breastfeed their babies.

In addition, Mulberry Leaf Tea contains 200 times lower caffeine compared to normal drinking tea with a total of only 0.01%.

Advantage of Mulberry Leaf Tea

A remarkable discovery made by researchers at the National Institute of Science Agrobiologi, Japanese Mulberry leaf has been found containing compound DNJ (Deoxynojirimcin) which reduce sugar content into the blood stream. It contains GABA (Gamma Amino Acid Butyril) which controls the balance of cholesterol in the blood stream. GABA is a natural calming agents and anti-epileptic agent for the brain, which being produced with amino acid Glutamine and glucose. They who often experience feelings of anxiety, panic disorder, and depression, may not produce sufficient levels of GABA, required by the brain.

Furthermore, Mulberry Leaf Tea helps to cure diabetes (diabetes) and high blood pressure. Mulberry Leaf Tea rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, ferrous Sulfate, zinc, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, 18 amino acids, and flavonoids or antioxidants that prevent cancer risk.

In short, Mulberry Leaf Tea is ideal to solve or reduce these diseases:

  1. Helps to reduce and prevent diabetes (diabetes)
  2. Helps to control and reduce cholesterol in the blood vessels
  3. Helps to control and reduce high blood pressure
  4. Helps prevent heart attack
  5. Helps in weight loss
  6. Reduces asthmatic conditions
  7. Slow the aging process and rejuvenate strength
  8. Reduce the risk of brittleness of the bones (bone fragility) due to the high calcium content
  9. Relieve cough, feelings of panic and anxiety
  10. Reducing pain during menstruation
  11. Helps irregular menstruation
  12. Gives energy
  13. Helps to increase breast milk production
  14. Helps to reduce migraine, difficult night sleeping (insomnia) and hypertension
  15. Contains all 18 amino acids and contains vitamins B, B1, B2, C, folic acid, potassium which is required by human body
  16. Helps to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer (antioxidants)

Serving method

Put 1 sachet Mulberry Leaves Tea and pour 200ml of hot boiling water. Infuse for 3 to 4 minutes. For best result it is recommended to be served without adding sugar.

Nutrition information (Amount per 100 gm)

  • Energy 387.48
  • Carbohydrate 59.33
  • Fat 0.02
  • Calsium 2563.03

Disclaimer – This information is only for sharing knowledge and means to knowledge, this article should not be construed as medical advice. You should seek medical advice before taking any herbal preparation

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