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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Signature Style Event ~ Coach Factory Online 48 hours sale!

The Signature Style Event
Coach Factory Online 48 hours sale starts again...
Dateline ~ 9:00 PM Tuesday, 29 JAN 2013!

Must READ and AGREE before placing an order.

Price quoted are inclusive of shipping and handling + sales tax + supplier's fees
subject to
Local postage fee RM10.00 per bag and RM6.00 per wallets/wristlets for Peninsular Malaysia and RM20.00 per bag and RM10.00 per wallets/wristlets for Sabah/Sarawak.

ETA 3-6 weeks upon confirmed order received.

70% deposit is required for this pre-order. 
Balance will be requested from you once ordered item reached Malaysia. 
[You may bank in full amount but price remains the same]

No gift box, no paper bag and no gift receipt.

The sales event happens on 48 hours basis. Due to time difference and some major constraint, we only give 45 hours for you to order and proceed for payment. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Once payment is made and order has been placed you are NOT ALLOWED to change order. So please think carefully before placing order.

We will issue full refund if the item you ordered is not available at the time of purchase made from store.

How to order?
Simple, we just need below:
1) Name of item 
2) Type of item (i.e. handbag or wallet/wristlet)
3) Color of item 

Please email to bawangoreng[at]gmail.com or
WhatsApp to 016-2454477 or 
you may also place order  click here! 

Thank you for support!

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